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We recommend all decorative concrete be sealed yearly although infrequently used walkways will maintain the protection of sealant but not the high definition appearance for up to two years post maintenance. Anti-Slip grit is added when necessary.

Due to its porous nature, concrete absorbs liquids. The expansion of frozen
liquids in Ontario’s freeze-thaw climate can destroy the surface of
concrete. High quality sealers provide effective flexible coverage and
penetration of the the pores and surface while repelling intrusive liquids.

The harsh Canadian seasons and UV rays from the sun break down and “bleach”
the colours of of the decorative concrete. Sealing the concrete rejuvenates
and restores the original beauty of the stone.

Spray & Seal commits two days to our concrete maintenance program. Day one
is cleaning and removing of minor stains. On day two we apply the solvent
and sealer using both methods of spraying and rolling to ensure an even
coat. While a customer can typically walk on treated concrete within a half
hour of the application, we suggest 8 hours of cure time in 10+ degree
weather before vehicles are permitted to park.